Good storytelling is not just at home on stages and screens. It is behind every good exhibition, behind every successful product and ultimately in every relationship we make with each other or with something. Our thoughts form stories. Our memory does, too.


So in case you are looking for someone who creates those stories, who visualizes ideas and makes them tangible, someone who produces immersive content, develops water-tight concepts, and tells rousing stories: nice to meet you.


As a former playwright and producer, journalist and freelance writer, storytelling is one of my core disciplines. As a conceptual designer and content developer, I have analyzed, created and optimized branding processes for numerous agencies, companies and other institutions.


Brand narration and communication are broad, but still surprisingly little-used bridges between the art and the corporate world. Here and there it is about conveying content - entertaining, sustainably and accessibly.


It's all about creating identification. About spinning red threads and creating credible narrative worlds. Worlds people feel at home in because they do not seem artificially created - but like a safe haven for one's imagination.


Good storytelling is about connecting real experiences and dynamics with invented content - about making fictitious trips believable. That's what I can help you with. No matter how big your idea is.