I organize and coordinate the research, processing and mediation of contents of all kinds. From the first brainstorming to the completion of your project I support you with my transdisciplinary network.


As an experienced project manager, author, content developer and communications expert, transdisciplinary thinking and conscientious process management, sustainable strategic action and communicative sensitivity are essential to me.


I use my experience in both analog and digital communication to find the right sound of your voice when dealing with print, TV, internet and radio.


The handling of transdisciplinary teams, large amounts of data and tight time windows is familiar to me from various projects. Different expectations and the permanent change of large projects during their development are the reasons why I like my dynamic work environment.


Upon request, you can hire me as a writing coach. I teach individuals as well as groups of up to 16 people in creative and business oriented writing narration, marketing and storytelling.