The better, the more unnoticed.

Storytelling, strategy, content - isn't it all the same in the end? Yes and no. They are three independent areas that influence and interact with each other. Which is why it makes sense to keep them all in view when it comes to developing narratives that are effective in the long term. 

Storytelling is about the underlying story you want to tell about something (or yourself). In strategy, it's about synchronizing the narrative (i.e. your storyline) with possible business decisions (i.e. your actions). In terms of content, the intersection between narrative and action must be reflected in appropriate communication measures.

In the ideal case, all of this will appear as if it all came together.To make this work, I support you in all three areas - whether we' re talking about your first pitch, stagnating business areas, complex products or content that is difficult to get across.

Together we define a credible storyline, sharpen the corporate strategy and develop relevant content to convey your story to the right target groups using the right tools. Sounds like a lot of work, but it's also quite fun. Promised.