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Brands are like people.

Some of them are beloved by many, some of them aren't. Brands are identities. They are the life stories of things, enterprises, institutions, projects. Brands are promises. And like people who take their mouth too full or hide behind empty clichés, brands which don't deliver tend to lose their friends. If they managed to find any. 

People have sensitive antennas when it comes to detecting frauds. You can't always tell why you don't like or don't trust somebody, right? It's only a feeling. Yet you trust your guts. Your intuition. That's how most of us do it. With people. And with brands as well.

That's why underestimating your audience is the biggest mistake you can make. Don't make up a story. The people you need to like you and your story will find out. Stick to the facts and tell them in a beautiful, compelling way. Your clients will love it. Your employees will. Because being honest in a charming way is the best way to convince people. 

In case you need help with telling such a story, let me know.