Too many good stories don't take off because excess ballast keeps them on the ground. Promising projects fail because no narrative strategy supports them. Established companies struggle to unite tradition and innovation in a coherent story because the right questions aren't posed.

Whether it's about your first pitch, a stagnating business segment, hard to get across content or an upcoming product release: together we define a credible storyline, produce relevant content and find the right language to make your story reach the target audience in conventional and less obvious ways.

I support your disruptive approaches by turning established processes upside down, help you break thinking routines, simplify the complicated, turn problems into challenges and develop new products and solutions based on user-focused targeting and segmentation.

I help you plan and carry out your expedition with a pragmatic strategy. No matter what stage of discovery you are in: Together we define realistic landmarks, motivate your crew, convince the concerned public, check your project for leaks and prepare it for shoals, storms and mutinies.