Making long stories short.

If you're considering a drastic career change: I can recommend being a playwright and dramatic advisor in Berlin. It's a pretty fun and reliable way to financial ruin.

After graduating in Creative Writing in 2006, I tested exactly this for eight years. I wrote and co-produced +20 plays. Travelling from one theatre to the next, working with ever new teams, we realised production after production.

In order to be able to afford train tickets and after-work beers, I offered my services as a writer and concept developer as a freelancer - and found out pretty quickly that storytelling is in great demand (and better paid) off-stage as well.

To this day, I love helping people organize the threads of their projects, products and ventures and weave concepts and narratives from them. I haven't had time to write a play in a long time. But basically I still make theatre - only for other clients, a much bigger stage and a much more diverse audience.