Red threads. Tearproof, please.  

What does a writer and concept developer have to do with strategy?! He is supposed to quickly relaunch the website, write a few witty texts and otherwise mind his own business. 

Doesn't work. If you're looking for someone who uncritically strings together empty phrases to cover up a lack of content, I'm not your guy. I'll annoy you with questions about objectives and constantly complain about contextual inconsistencies. 

If you do care about good stories based on healthy strategies though: Let's talk. No matter where you are on your journey: Together we define realistic landmarks, motivate your crew, convince a concerned public, check your project for leaks and prepare it for shoals, storms and mutinies.

I support you by turning established processes upside down, help breaking thinking routines, simplify the complicated, turn problems into challenges and develop new products and solutions based on user-focused targeting and segmentation.