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(True. For two decades of professional life still quite short though, no?)

Some 20 years ago, I thought it might be a smart idea to become a playwright. Soon after, I realised that an artistic profession without a significant income is more of an expensive hobby. So I looked for side jobs, mainly in the field of communication.

"We need copy for the new website" often turned rather quickly into "What story do we actually have to tell about ourselves?". Bang, I was a content developer and communications strategist.

After planning quite a few campaigns, branding companies, curating exhibitions, relaunching websites and asking CEOs tedious questions, I eventually found myself in the innovation business.

From 2017 to 2019, I co-created a platform for cross-company collaboration. After that, I founded my own company together with my former boss. With our firm, we provide consulting services to cities and companies in the area of smart cities.

I still work as a communications dude today and help spin red threads and create compelling narratives. As a guest lecturer at ZHDK , I get on students' nerves with my idea of creative entrepreneurship once a year.

Since May 2023, I am in charge of the Prototype Fund Switzerland for, a funding programme that supports the development of public good-oriented, sustainable technology in Switzerland.


(I can do German and English)

Smart Cities, urban sustainability

On Future Cities

A journey from the first human settlements through today's cities to imaginable smart cities of tomorrow. (Tech plays an important but not the central role).

In English or German
15 / 30 / 45 / 60 minutes
Prices on request.

Failure culture, Storytelling, Innovation

Fail better!

If we don't experiment, we neither learn nor improve. The fear of failure threatens our success. This keynote is about the courage to mess things up.

In English or German
15 / 30 / 45 / 60 minutes
Prices on request.

Mental Health, Resilience

Urban patients

Based on my own history of mental illness, this keynote treats cities as patients. Why are they sick? How do we treat them? How could prophylaxis look like?

In English or German
15 / 30 / 45 / 60 minutes
Prices on request.

Daring experiments.

Telling stories.

Shaping innovation.

As a theatre maker who ended up in the tech and innovation sector, I combine the creative tools of theatre with entrepreneurial experience and the dynamic potential of technological innovation.

My own peculiar background ensures that you don't get cookie-cutter content from me, but fresh perspectives and provocative ideas - wrapped up in entertaining stories.

As a speaker and consultant, I build bridges between the arts, conceptual design, communication and technology - to point out alternative solutions, inspire deliberation and action, and to spark some courage where it is all too often lacking.

Content & Consulting

(I really do what I talk about.)

communications & campaigning


I develop formats, content and concepts that allow pretty much any message to reach its target audience.

storytelling & dramaturgy


I turn dry facts and complex information into gripping stories that no one falls asleep to.

coaching & mentoring


As a coach, workshop facilitator and lecturer, I help people to develop ideas and implement them more creatively.


(Some the jobs that led me here)



Program Lead Prototype Fund Switzerland

For, I am in charge of the Prototype Fund since 2023. We promote the development of public good-oriented technology.



Partner & Owner schaefer | hansen

With schaefer | hansen we develop and accompany projects in the areas of digital transformation, urban development and smart city. Also from 2019 - 2023, I was co-managing director of Smart Regio Basel.



Communications consultant

Since 2006, I have been developing content, concepts and campaigns and supporting clients in the areas of storytelling and ideation under the label "TheWriteGuy".



Guest Lecturer ZHDK 

As a guest lecturer at the ZHDK since 2018, I have been passing on to students what I learned about creative entrepreneurship as a theatre maker and entrepreneur.

from 2017
until 2019

Head of Communication Fluxdock AG

Fluxdock is a digital collaboration platform that facilitates cross-company, agile, cooperative work in a secure environment.

from 2013
until 2017

Writer FUTURZWEI foundation / Harald Welzer

FUTURZWEI reports on the commitment of responsible citizens, entrepreneurs and activists for a future worth living in.

from 2008
until 2014

Author & theatre maker

After studying creative writing at the University of Arts in Berlin and a writer's scholarship with Peter Zadek, I toured the independent scene for 8 years and realised more than 20 productions on stages in four countries.

from 2002
until 2006

Creative Writing for the stage, UDK Berlin

As one of seven out of around 300 applicants, I was given the opportunity to be trained as a playwright at the University of Arts in Berlin.

Tech &

Theatre is characterised by tremendous momentum. Constant change, starting over again and again, making plans and continually throwing them overboard without losing orientation: all this requires the ability to be permanently adaptable. Same goes for the world of product development and innovation.

The more courage, creative solution-seeking, collaborative team spirit and transparent communication about perplexities, obstacles and mistakes are at hand, the better the end product will be.

As a consultant and speaker, I try to help convey this very mindset and help break out of linear thought and action processes. So that even more good people can develop even better solutions.


(A few clients to mention)

Swiss Museum of Transport 

Head of content «Red Bull Media World»

Canton of Basel-Stadt

Climate communication


Keynote Speaker

iart AG

content development & dramaturgy

neustark AG

Development CI/CD, Website, launch campaign

City of Zürich

Evaluation & communication


Evaluation & event dramaturgy

Liip AG

Keynote Speaker

ART Basel

Storytelling & communications

Naturhistorisches Museum BS

Outside Eye, exhibition planning

Rehab Basel

Relaunch Website



Rapp Group

Coaching agile management, Storytelling

Aid by Trade Foundation

Development of communication campaign

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