Urban patients

Based on my own medical history, this keynote treats cities as patients. What do they suffer from? How do we treat them? And how can urban prophylaxis work?

In this keynote, I put cities at the centre of an analysis based on my personal story.

What if we look at our cities not as mere structures and systems but as patients with symptoms and an individual medical history? If we interpret deficient infrastructures, insufficient public services, growing social inequalities and the challenges of climate change as maladies of an "urban system"?

An effective cure for these urban "diseases" goes beyond technical solutions and superficial remedies. It requires deep diagnostics to identify core problems and generate sustainable solutions beyond linear thought patterns.

Just as in individual therapy, this also requires a change in the narrative that shapes the patient. Herein lies a key to transformation: telling an alternative story about our cities and in the process evolving them into a more positive, sustainable and healthy version of themselves.

Join me on this journey between urban development, psychology and storytelling as we discover the powerful role of narratives in transforming and reshaping urban spaces.

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