(bad ones abound.)

You love good stories? you can immediately tell a good story from a bad one? but if you try to tell your  story, it doesn't really come across?

Do You ask yourself why so many stories people tell about their products and projects are bad & boring? And You don't want to be one of them?

we tend to underestimate how amazing people are at distinguishing a good story from mediocre ones. Humans are born storytellers.

Why? because our culture is built upon stories. Identity is. we run on narratives and Context. thus we have an instinct that helps us tell a good story from bad.

I used to be a playwright and dramatic advisor who played the game of information and suspense for more than a decade.

Today I run a company and work as a lecturer. That's why i also understand some things about entrepreneurship and knowledge transfer.

Combined this Experience helps me Help you tell better stories in a business context and beyond.

need an image video?

i'll take care of story, dialogue & Production.

working on a campaign?

i'll develop & Implement it for your audience.

founding a company?

i'll define your brand & Get it out There.

relaunching your website?

I'll structure it & create good Content.


Since 2006 I support companies, organisations, artists and entrepreneurs in both analogue and digital communication.

Whether you like shakespeare or fight club, banksy or rubens, hip hop, punk or Šostakovič – we'll get along and find your voice of choice.

Think this could be what you need?
get in contact & find out.