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nobody likes bad storytelling. has been done too many times. doesn't do any good for our audience, doesn't make anyone happy, still a lot of work and usually quite expensive in the end. so let's skip that and do something nice together.

for this to work, i'll probably have to get on your nerves a bit. ask a lot of questions and send half-baked answers back to the kitchen. good communication work often feels like organizational and strategic development.

you can book me as a consultant, as a co-pilot, as a ghostwriter or as a speaker for your event. i work on an hourly basis, but i am also available as a freelancer for longer-term assignments.

you can see who i work for / have worked for here. you can find the services i offer here. maybe i'll hear from you.

*(which is because that's exactly what it is).

    if you'd rather talk, feel free to

      or you can take a look at all the

        bad communication

        i love avoiding. to do so, i need to know who you are, where you come from and where you want to go with your project, product or mission. i need to find out what you have to tell that makes you stand out from the crowd. i need to dig in until strategy, narrative, budget and timeline match perfectly. then i can help you tell your best possible story - not just the next best thing.

        good communication creates sympathy, empathy and identification. plays with facts without distorting them. disarms through self-awareness and self-reflection. establishes a common basis of trust. doesn't think it's smarter than its audience. is an invitation, not a manipulation. doesn't hide anything, but changes people's perspectives. and ideally, it even makes them smile.

        at least that's how i see it. as always with such big issues, there are many other opinions. but it's not just about technique, it's also about style - and here i'm clearly the "tell it like it is" rather than "beat around the bush so nobody notices" type. people aren't stupid. especially not when it comes to distinguishing credible from untrustworthy communication.

          what we'll discuss

          • what is your precise objective? who wants to achieve what, why and and how? who benefits? where do you want to go in the short, medium and long term? what blind spots might there be in your story? and why can you actually be trusted?

          • what do you want to tell which of your target groups at what time? how much can it cost? which expensive gimmicks have you been talked into? what smarter ways are there to spread your story credibly?

          • which appearance, which tonality suits you and your organization? which tone do you like, which one would you like to have? what comes across as authentic, serious and entertaining at the same time? what seems carelessly made up? and who are your organic multipliers?

          • which narrative reaches your audience and at the same time creates enthusiasm, long-term orientation and identification in your team? who are you and who would you like to be? and why does hardly anyone actually watch those expensive youtube videos?

          in case you now think: "sounds kind of good, he could be the right guy for the job", i'll put a button here just in case. you can click on it. or not.

            who's writing this

            my name is christian hansen, as you've probably already figured out. 20 years ago, i studied playwriting at the berlin university of the arts. i founded a production company and, as an author, dramaturge and producer, staged around 20 plays in germany, austria, belgium and switzerland.

            after about 10 years, i no longer wanted to be a professional artist and switched to the corporate world. since then, i have worked full-time as a communications consultant for companies, cities, administrations, NGOs and cultural institutions.

            since 2019, i have been co-owner of a boutique consultancy working in the fields of digital transformation, innovation and smart city. at the ZHDK, i have been teaching courses in conceptual design, storytelling and creative entrepreneurship since 2018.

            some namedropping

            (some of the clients i have had the pleasure of working for. not all of them, but the ones you might know).

            another button. maybe you want to click on this one and

              or you can check out if on of the services i am providing may be for you


                1) grab a coffee

                if you're not quite convinced yet, maybe we should go for a coffee anyway. see if we like each other. brainstorm a bit together. think about how a bolder, more creative communication that puts everyone in a good mood can help you achieve your goals.

                2) define goals

                if you like our informal exchange and the outcome of this first brainstorming session, i'll make you an offer that shows how we can improve your communication so that people only gossip because they're jealous of your content and campaigns.

                3) experience

                whether it's corporate identity, employer branding, customer service, public relations, social media, change management or crisis intervention - i have so many years of experience in communications that i've made all sorts of mistakes in most areas - and therefore prefer not to repeat them with you. you can see a selection of clients i've worked with below.

                4) network

                if for once i really don't have any ideas to solve a problem, i'll admit that and draw on the network i've built up over two decades. there are some really excellent specialists around who can provide substantial answers to pretty much any communication issue.

                5) plain language

                still skeptical? that's fine. after all, empty promises are a core competence of my industry, right? anyway, feel free to contact me. i'll listen to what you need and then tell you honestly and bluntly whether i could be the solution to your problem or not.

                6) prefer kefir?

                the first coffee is on me anyway, so you're only risking a few minutes of your time. if you don't drink coffee, i can also offer the above in combination with hot chocolate, mint tea, non-carbonated water, rivella blue, oat milk, craft beer or kefir. champagne will only be served once we have successfully improved your communication.

                7) contact

                if you are interested, please send me an e-mail or give me a call. i will get back to you immediately or as soon as possible. sometimes it can take a while. when i'm with a customer, i don't answer the phone but concentrate on my job. unless my wife or my daughter's school calls, then i might have to leave the room for two minutes...

                now that you've made it this far, you could either study my services - or visit my blog and click through selected (mostly german) texts from 20 years of writing. some of them are rather heavy stuff, but you're a grown-up. (you can always come back later for my services).

                  or you can watch a talk I gave about smart cities to learn a bit more about who you're dealing with.